Clam Anti Virus Scanner now in use at CLH
Clam AntiVirus E-mail Scanner is now used at CLH

Sender Policy Framework or
SPF is being added to all domains hosted at CLH.
Realtime Black Lists or RBL's
January 26,2004 Updated 6/17/2010
The following RBL's are currently being used by Chautauqua Lake Hosting. Information may be obtained by clicking on the links below. The RBL's may be changed from time to time to best serve the Domain Owners. # # # # # # #

# RBL's that are turned on

I have Turned Off most of RBL's for now, due to problems with local e-mail system that got blocked.
I will be turning them on slowly as I review the RBL's usefulness and possible bad hits on good e-mail

Chautauqua Lake Hosting as well as the customer owned servers CLH manages are now using Realtime Black Lists or RBL's. RBL's were imposed because of the extreme amount of spam hitting the servers. This caused the mail portion of the web servers to stall out or use an extreme amount of bandwidth and kept legit e-mail from getting through. And at times made the web servers real slow because of the spam either being sent to the users mail accounts, bouncing so many e-mails to non-existent users or overload the different lines (T's, ADSL's or SDSL's) to the net. I hated to do this, but I saw no way out, short of installing special mail servers and adding additional bandwidth just to support the spam and increase cost to everyone who used my hosting service or cost to the customer who owned their own mail and web servers I manage. Spam is the biggest problem to anyone who uses the internet, including higher cost in bandwidth usage. And that has to be paid by the user, not the sender of the spam. 70% or more of mail in the internet is spam and if we could cut down the amount of spam out there, we could enjoy the internet even more. If the ISP's and VAR's of the world enforced a uniform spam prevention policy, we, the users and mail server owners would be better off. The new law that was just enacted is nothing more than a toothless tiger with no bite, and in a way, causes more spam. Until the US Congress gets it's act together and enacts a good anti-spam law, I had no choice but to do this. Understand that using RBL's is not a cure all or catch all to spam, so some spam may get through the RBL's or some e-mail may get blocked. If you are not receiving an e-mail from a legit source and you need to receive it, please send me an e-mail with the contacts e-mail address and name, and I will track down the problem and see if I can get it fix. The following local ISP's that have been listed in one or more RBL's are as follows: ISP or company Home Office Type of Service RBL's Coudersport PA, Cable modems # Fredonia NY, ADSL-SDSL-Dialup's North East PA and Westfield NY These ISP's are local to Western NY and have a direct impact on my customers using my services and I have contacted them. And have changed or removed the offending RBL so to limit the effects on my customers. # Removed from the RBL list becaused the ISP fixed it's problem. The biggest reason that a sender is on a RBL list is because the sender's Internet Service Provider, or business mail system has been blocked, for either allowing spam, spammers to use their mail systems, or the admins have their mail serverís miss-configured so spam can be passed. The other reason is that your contact is using their own mail server on a dynamic IP address like a cable modem or DSL and does not have a real MX record setup in the DNS of their system. There are a number of other reasons that mail can be blocked and that would take 10 pages to explain. If you wish to check your IP or company address or the mail servers IP address, there is a very good site available here at I have included most of the locally used Chautauqua County Mail servers just by clicking on the links below...... *All Class C Addresses of the Mailserver are tested, 254 IP addresses All unmarked links are testing a single IP address Some of the Mail Servers at the EagleZip NOC Jamestown NY* Mail Servers at the EagleZip NOC owned by CHS Mail Servers at the CHS Sherman NY NOC Mail Server at the CHS Westfield NY NOC Other Mail Servers********* If you have other local mail servers you want added to the list, just let me know by e-mail at I have also added Open DNS as my main DNS servers so anyone using my DNS's will notice that if you go to a "Porn" or "Plishing" site you will be redirected to my search page page at Open DNS because of the blocking. For more information check out Thank you for your understanding Franklin S Werren, Administrator As a note: Following up to this letter is the *CLH = Chautauqua Lake Hosting Users are prohibited from engaging in improper use or distribution of electronic mail ("e-mail"). Users are strictly prohibited from engaging in any of the following activities: * Sending unsolicited mass or commercial e-mail ("spamming") for any purpose whatsoever. * Having third parties send out commercial emails on any user's behalf. Using CLH to receive replies from unsolicited emails (referred to as "drop-box" accounts). * Configuring any CLH email server in such a way that it will accept third party emails for forwarding (commonly known as an "open mail relay"). If a site has roaming users who wish to use a common mail server, the mail servers are configured to require some form of user identification and authorization. CLH does have a Webmail interface avaiable. *Posting Pornography and pornographic related merchandising that also includes links to pornographic content elsewhere. *Further examples of unacceptable content or links include pirated software, archives of "Warez Sites", programs designed to send unsolicited advertisements (i.e. "spamware"), or any kind of illegal software or shareware. *The hacking or defacement of any website on any server owned and/or maintained by CLH is considered a felony under the law. Any domain in service at CLH and is changed with out express permission of either the server owner or domain owner is also considered a defacement and will be delt with according to the letter of the law. These "Terms of Service" may be changed at any time without any prior notification. And all Domain owners will be required to follow the updated TOS. Privately owned mail/web servers that are managed by CLH will follow the TOS of the ISP or upstream provider as well as any policy that is put in place by the owner of the mail/web server. Notice to Bulk E-mailers or Spammers Pursuant to US Code, Title 47, Chapter 5, Subchapter II, p.227 and Pursuant to Can-Spam Act of 2003 just enacted.... any and all unsolicited commercial e-mail sent to any server managed by or owned by CLH is subject to a download and archival fee in the amount of $500 US per message. Anyone who sends unsolicited commercial e-mail to any e-mail address on any server managed by or owned by CLH will be charged a $500 proofreading fee. Consider this official notification. Failure to abide by this will result in legal action.

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